The love of the texture and tactile properties of materials and threads and the seemingly limitless scope that this medium permits, inspires my work.  Texture and contrasts feature predominantly and by exploiting the manipulative properties of fabrics and by incorporating and combining diverse materials, I create high relief works.

My work is influenced by flora, architectural details and carvings.  I create both 2D and 3D works which are functional or decorative and incorporating both hand and machine stitch.  When necessary I dye the fabrics and threads, although I enjoy using a natural colour pallet to emphasise the surface texture.

I have previously taught textile art courses in Suffolk, but now devote my time to making and exhibiting.  I belong to smallCHAT, who have previously exhibited annually at Thaxted, Essex and the Knitting & Stitching shows.  More recently I have collaborated with Ann Small to present an installation at the 2012 Knitting & Stitching shows. I am an active member of the Suffolk Craft Society and I sell work  through galleries nationally.